Monday, July 18, 2011

ASID Boys Hope Renovation

I know a lot of you have been wondering how the Boys Hope House turned out. Well amazing!!! haha As you know I put on a fundraiser (Poker Night) that was held on May14th, it was not only a fun night but also raised enough money to remodel the entire Boys House! Once the budget was established the design plan began, sourcing out unique finds from thrift stores, estate sales and of course Ikea, giving the house a modern hip vibe. 10 Days were all we had while the boys were on summer break, so the first few days were allocated to painting, then we moved on to replacing tile and carpet, and finally the finishing touches with furniture, hanging artwork and window treatments. We had our challenges with the short deadline but with hard work and dedication we pulled it off. The house turned out perfect and when the boys came home, they said they felt like they were on MTV’s Real World! Their genuine smiles and look in their eyes made it all worth it! 

Thank you to all who participated and was apart of this incredible project. We rocked this year’s ASID community service project and Boys Hope Girls Hope couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Whoo hoo..!

A message from Robin Sinclair Executive Director at Boys Hope Girls Hope: “We couldn't be more thrilled with the renovation- absolutely gorgeous, and a home in which our scholars can be proud! You put the H in HOPE! Thank you Stephanie Cook and ASID for all of your creativity and hard work. We are forever grateful!”

Special thanks to these vendors who donated their time and materials.

So Cal Stoneworks: Installed Tile
MCL Floor Cover: Installed carpet
Leonard's Services: $500 Donation
Hazelson Company: $500.00 donation
Custom Comfort mattress (Orange): Mattresses donation
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams: Furniture Donation
Plural Design: Furniture Donation
Judy's Custom Workroom: Fabric donation
Becky’s Specialty: Sewed window seat
MicroSeal Fabric Protection: Sprayed Sofa
Josh Stevenson Photography: Complementary Photography
Arizona Tile: Tile Discount

List of people who helped: Thank you! Thank you!

Stephanie Cook
Jennifer Nicole Anderson
Laura Yorba
Barbara Keller
Rick Campos
Jessie Gidda
Chylyse VTosi
Rona Graf
Cindy Maddocks

Timothy Rogers
Larry Chu
Kelly Pointer
Jennifer Bosco
Debbie Schmidt
Cameran Lindee
Claire Shatzen
Compass Youth
Circle K
Robin Sinclair

Stephanie Avila
Brian Santistevan
John Santillan
Chris Yorba
Cathy Thomas
Cheri Summerfield

Sheri Trupp
Anthony Colasurdo
Mark Sagen

Before Picture Living Room 

After Pictures Living Room

Before Picture Dinning Room

After Pictures Dinning Room 

Before Picture Study Area

After Pictures Study Area

Before Picture Bedroom 1

After Pictures Bedroom 1

Before Picture Bedroom 2

After Pictures Bedroom 2

Before Picture Bedroom 3

After Pictures Bedroom 3

Me, Tim Larry and all the Boys!

ASID's President Barbara Keller, Executive Director Robin Sinclair and me!

Kyle from Hart Concrete and his boys delivering the custom concrete table they donated!

Larry dedicated volunteer for BHGH, me and Tim project manager for BHGH at Ikea.

Brian Santistevan and his son helping install the glass boards behind them.

Tim and Kelly at garage sale.

One of the boys from Compass Youth sanding the pedestal for the study area.

Me picking out sheets at Ikea.

Jennifer painting!

Mark the electrician and amazing handyman.

Circle K volunteers helping put together Ikea furniture.

So Cal Stoneworks installing the dinning room tile.

Me sanding the table top for the study.

Tim and Cameran. :)

All the toys Anthony donated! What a generous guy!

And here's Anthony!

Two of the boys just after checking out their presents!

Jen and me dead tired at 11:00 at night laying down the living room shag rug..

Kelly and Jennifer getting their painting on.

One of the boys petting the mascot named after my little Lundon.

I had a blast doing this project and feel so lucky to have made these boys lives a little better! Help spread the love friends.... lets take control of our world and make it better one kind gesture at a time! :)

Stephanie xoxo