Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Decorating Ideas!

Great tips for Easter Decorating!

1.. Lighten Up your Room!
Do you have a heavy looking sofa, or drapes that are just too dark for the room? It's time to change them out for lighter and better looking alternative. Take away the drapes and replace them with sheers. Slipcover the sofa or chairs with pastel tones or florals.

Your furniture may be positioned to surround the fireplace, but now with spring coming up its time to think about ways to rearrange the look for summer. Change the focal point away from the fireplace to a view of a garden or water or wherever your best view is at your location.

3. Re-Accessorize
Its time to re- organize your accessories! Clean the dust off the shelves and begin to replace objects with lighter tones and fun bright colors. Bring out your floral china and set up a collection of pitchers, and include plants.

4. Flowers!
Easter is the perfect time to arrange beautiful spring flowers around your table. If you are buying the flowers from a boutique make sure you give them an advance order as this is one of the busiest times of the year. Small pots of prim roses, petunias, hyacinths and a short tulip..work the best with spring. Arrange the flowers in woven Easter baskets and fill the empty spaces with floral moss.

5. Sheer everything!
Sheer curtains, sheer tablecloths, sheer bed skirts, and pillows, all of these are the best elements of spring and summer. Plain, embroidered, or printed sheer designs can all be used for interiors, so look for the one that best fits your interior.

Great ideas for table setting!

Jimmie Martin furniture

We have such an appreciation for designers who bring a bit of modernity and rawness to our world of design. You won't find a typical, cliche or boring furniture piece in Jimmie Martin's furniture collection that's for sure! Each piece is custom, unique, has a personality all its own and we love it! Combine history, art and pure creativity and you've got the perfect recipe for a furniture collection that is exciting, sexy, quirky, and urban while somehow managing to remain glamourous and sophisticated. Modern statement pieces at its best...here are a few...

We love that the feathers on this classic french Louis XVI chair give it a high fashion feel. And although the taxidermy bird is sort of grotesque and gothic, it kinda works and is actually quite funny!

Tagging isn't always unsightly! This Queen Anne chair received a modern facelift with a sharpie and silver leaf details.

It's not enough that the materials for this chair are a rare combo of metallic neon green paint and zebra hide...so Jimmie took it one step further and added the zebra tail. Hmmmm not quite sure what to think about this tail, but I think I'm leaning towards love it.

A simple black armoire with a gold painted candleabra. Classy yet fun.

Wanna really tell them all just how you feel? Get it out with a sharpie and some spray paint! And don't hold your words back...furniture is the new therapist don't you know.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

At your command Lamps

How great are these lamps! Cool, fun and creative we think that everybody should own one of these. And the best part is...you can manipulate the bodies in whatever position you'd like as they are all jointed. This could get really fun!
Find them at http://www.freshome.com/

Be creative every day ~ Plural

Gotta love Ankasa

For all of you stylish fashionistas out there enamoured with interiors and fashion, have we got a treat for you! Love the look of embellished pillows? then you will not be disappointed by Ankasa's fashion forward collection. Having only been established four years ago, by a husband and wife team of fabric designers, the line has become a huge success. Inspired by the world of fashion, Ankasa aims to blend fashion and interiors into a unique and luxurious home decor collection.

The designs are absolutely beautiful and are like jewelery for your upholstered furniture! Who would have thunk it right?! This line of pillows is glamorous unlike any other, with hand embroidered designs, jeweled embellishments, fur, patent leather and color pallettes mimicking those coming down the runway each season, these gorgeous pillows are definately at the top of our wish list!

Be creative every day! ~ Plural

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun dinnerware

A penthouse suite for the price of a dinner plate? Well, not exactly, but these fun plates featuring floor plans are sure to spark conversation at your dinner table. Choose from a studio, penthouse or a luxury penthouse! What a great idea, Love it!

You can find them at http://www.fisheddy.com/